Your First Class

your-first-classAt this time P.O.W. is only offered in San Diego and Oceanside, California. Classes are held year-round on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Registration is never required.


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There is no cost for participation in P.O.W. due to our generous due to generous support from individual donors and corporate sponsors. Our in-kind sponsors supply fitness gear, safety gear and nutritious snacks. Our tremendously generous gym owners provides use of gym facilities at no cost whatsoever to P.O.W and its participants.

ZERO knowledge or experience is needed to participate in your first class, and there is no minimum fitness level.* P.O.W. coaches incorporate basic skill training into each and every class. While the physical condition and abilities of program participants varies widely–ranging from those with physical challenges to those who participate in competitive sports–the program is suitable and adaptable to everyone. Modifications to the fitness program are routinely made on a class-by-class basis, and all participants are regarded as equals.

Attire should include loose-fitting comfortable clothing and athletic footwear. Feel welcome to bring a towel and bottled water. There is no need to purchase and/or bring gear to class – all necessary gear will be provided.

*You should always check with a physician before adopting an active fitness regimen.