Our Donors

P.O.W. Gratefully Acknowledges Our Donors

P.O.W.’s programming is made possible through the generosity of a growing number of partners and supporters that share the organization’s goals and objectives. We are pleased to acknowledge the special role the following individuals and groups have played in P.O.W.’s successes.


Visionaries ($5,000 and up)

Charles Charman

Dianne Sparks


Leaders ($1,000 – $4,999)                              

Leathernecks Motorcycle Club International (Lester Weber Memorial Chapter)

Michael Kilmer, MSW

Rashelle and William Koon

Monty and Gail Sparks

Stephen P. Swinton, Esq.


Investors ($500 – $999)    

Patricia and Patrick Dubois

Tommy Hackett

Lee Vance

Ellen T. Weil


Patriots Annual Giving Club ($1-$499)

Juan Aquino

Mike Benedict

Richard and Barbara Bergholz

Josh Billauer

Steve Billings

Sean Broussard

Michael Castilla

Christopher J. and Brenda M. Coseo

Christopher Cox

Ashley Curry

Todd Davis

Abel Dodd

Kelly Doherty

Nathaniel Donnelly

Robert Espiritu

Kelley Michael Gale, Esq.

Craig Garner, Esq.

Colleen P. Garrett

Kurt Gibbe

Lupe Godat

Richard Grimes

Nicole Heffel, Esq.

William Hood

Michael Hood

Robert Howard, Esq.

Phyllis Hudzik

John Kaiser

Nancy Kemper

Sandra Kerentoff

Jeff Killen

Ari Le

Haley Ledesma

Jamie Leon

Susan Levin

Lu Lobello

Joanne Looney ★

Monique Lopez

Amanda Lugo

TinaMarie Lugo

Brandie Marone

Holly McDonald

Scot McConnel

Kevin Modesto, PhD

Nicole Miller-Coleman

Paula Mulford

Andrew Peters

Pollock Management, LLC

Jenny Ramos

Michelle Raymond

Rick Reeder

Nancy Rogers

Omar Rubi

Maytha Shaffer

Bruce and Susan Shepherd

Michelle Simoncini

Heather Sones, PhD

Jack Sparks

Wayne Strom, PhD

Brad Tecca

Andrew Thorne

Todd Vance

William Waldron

George Warmkessel

Reggie Wilhelmson

Lisa Winterhalder

Matt Woodbridge

Mitchell R. Woodbury

Angela Zayas


★Recurring monthly donation