P.O.W. For Your Organization

P.O.W. Onsite Programs

The P.O.W. program is suitable and adaptable for nonprofit and government organizations serving veterans and active military. On-site programs are currently available only in the San Diego region.

By including P.O.W. as an on-site program option, your organization will:

  • Engage both male and female veterans and active military seeking health and lifestyle improvements
  • Reduce stress among veterans and active military (and correspondingly, among families of veterans and active military)
  • Provide a new and lasting method for veterans and active military to connect with peers
  • Establish a bridge program to mental health services
  • Enable veterans and active military to identify needs and connect with regional veteran and military-serving resources accordingly
  • Increase its brand appeal and relevancy among post 9-11 veterans
  • Capitalize on P.O.W.’s social media connections and expertise connecting with veterans and active military
  • Experience an increase in positive media attention as a result of P.O.W.’s relationships with regional, national and international media
  • Reduce healthcare costs over the long-term

Components of the P.O.W. on-site program include:

  • P.O.W.’s MMA-style training includes MMA techniques, drills and sparring. This challenging and rewarding cardio workout incorporates coping skills and boosts self-confidence.
  • P.O.W. Yoga is a customized yoga practice based on Ashtanga yoga, provides improved fitness, flexibility training as well as a positive, calming effect.
  • P.O.W. Fitness is a low–impact regimen which combines calisthenics, muscle memory drills and shadow boxing. Breathing techniques and coping skills are taught throughout.
  • P.O.W. coaches build peer-to-peer support into each and every MMA-style training, yoga and fitness session. P.O.W.’s unique and effective peer-to-peer support system reinforces the training of the host facilities’ onsite staff and is designed to support the individual beyond the on-site environment. The P.O.W peer-to-peer support system includes exclusive access to the P.O.W. Facebook page which provides a place to exchanges resources, job opportunities as well as requests for help and support. Access to the P.O.W Facebook page is limited to P.O.W participants and alumni.

pow-for-your-organizationThe P.O.W. Program can be fully customized to meet the unique needs of your organization. Some options include:

  • P.O.W.’s MMA-style training component only
  • P.O.W. Yoga component only
  • Any combination of components

For more information, including on-site program costs, please contact:

Todd Vance
Phone: (858) 449-9045
Email: calivance619@yahoo.com