Yoga is routinely added to the P.O.W. workouts. A customized practice based on Ashtanga yoga, P.O.W. Yoga provides improved fitness and flexibility, as well as a positive, calming effect. Since trauma lies in the body, mind, and spirit, a holistic, integrated treatment approach that includes mindful yoga practices can be used to re-connect with ourselves as we are in the present moment, letting us feel comfortable in our own skin.

Yoga is being introduced to a growing number of veterans deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan struggling with serious mental health problems including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), major depression, and traumatic brain injury. Studies show that instruction and practices in yoga and meditation may help veterans lead more successful post-deployment lives, helping them transition back to civilian life and reconnect with themselves, friends, and families. Veterans with PTSD use yoga as a method to regain control over a nervous system that is always “on edge”, and to regain control over self-destructive behaviors and habits.

P.O.W. Yoga is taught by certified yoga instructors.