This is P.O.W.


P.O.W.’s Mission

P.O.W. is actively improving the mental, physical and emotional well-being of veterans and active military through MMA-style fitness, yoga and peer-to-peer support.

P.O.W.’s Values

Camaraderie. Accountability. Support. Service. Self-Improvement. Positive Mental Attitude. Excellence.

About P.O.W.

P.O.W is an evidence-based peer-to-peer program that helps re-integrate veterans back to civilian life. P.O.W. provides a safe, healthy and supportive community that empowers participants to take control of their lives one smart choice at a time. How is this accomplished?

P.O.W. directly addresses common but potentially devastating service-related challenges including the need for stimulus, structure and peer support as well as relief from social anxiety, isolation and many symptoms of PTSD. P.O.W. trainers stress the importance of addressing mental health issues and seeking proper treatment while P.O.W. program participants work together to problem-solve, learn effective coping strategies to better manage their symptoms, and utilize each other for support. P.O.W. has been particularly successful at reaching active military and post 9-11 veterans, some of whom are combat veterans, and most of whom report difficulty transitioning from military to civilian life.

Over the past three years, P.O.W. has changed hundreds of lives, raised awareness about post-service-related challenges, and garnered attention from regional and national media including HBO Sports, Maxim Magazine and the LA Times. A recent survey of program participants shows:

  • 90% of P.O.W participants report an improvement in physical health
  • 80% report improved ability to cope with stress and symptoms of PTSD
  • 79% report decreases in feelings of despondency, helplessness and/or anger
  • 75% report an improvement in long and short-term goal planning
  • 100% report a reduction of feelings isolation

P.O.W. encourages participation from male and female veterans and active military. While the physical condition and abilities of program participants varies widely–ranging from those with physical challenges to those at the peak of fitness–the program is suitable and adaptable to everyone.