About Todd Vance



Todd began his fight training at 14. His parents, in an effort to channel his energies, introduced Todd to San Diego’s Original Muay Thai Training Gym, Black Tiger in hopes that it would keep him out of trouble. He began fighting Amateur Muay Thai at 16 and amassed an Amateur Record of 11 wins and 1 loss taking fights in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Tijuana, Mexico.


While in the Army, Todd was first stationed in Germany where he became a Member of the Boxing Team and later the head Army Combatives Instructor. Shortly after, Todd was sent to Iraq and made Sgt Squad Leader.


He led more than 250 combat missions and more than 75 successful raids in Operation Iraqi Freedom.


Like many others, Todd came home a different person and had trouble assimilating back into civilized society. He found his way out, after enduring excruciating PTSD, loneliness, depression, nightmares, drug use, and aggressive behavior that wasn’t part of his nature.


He worked through hard physical training in a skill he learned while an adolescent; his parents’ method of keeping him out of normal teenage trouble worked in a situation 1,000 times worse than any adolescent could possibly imagine.


Todd knew this was an alternative to traditional therapy, or perhaps a major addition to it and has, over the past four years, established a system and brotherhood for combat veterans who understand – their exclusive club is open to all brothers and sisters who have endured the incomprehensible.


Todd is currently working on his degree in Social Work.