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Kickin’ PTSD’s Ass One Day at a Time (April, 2014)

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P.O.W. Media Archive

Many thanks to these great media outlets for their coverage of P.O.W.



Todd Vance responds to questions about America Sniper and PTSD  

VICE Media: Fightland Specials
MMA After War (War Veterans Are Using MMA to Treat Their PTSD) (2014)


VICE Media: Fightland Specials
Editorial with Pictures:
Todd Vance’s Veteran MMA Team Finally Makes its Way to the VA (2014)


The Department of Defense News (Formerly the Pentagon Channel) produced a five-part series on P.O.W. for Suicide Prevention Month (September 2014):


Department of Defense News: P.O.W. #1
A Powerful Approach to Combating Suicide (POW OVERVIEW) (2014)
One Veterans advocacy group takes a mental and physical approach to suicide prevention


Department of Defense News: P.O.W. #2
 Veterans Fight Off PTSD (POW FOUNDER PROFILE) (2014)
Veterans advocacy group Pugilistic Offensive Warrior Tactics or POW combines the physical benefits of mixed martial arts with the emotional benefits of a peer-support network.


Department of Defense News: P.O.W. #3
P.O.W. Helps Veterans (SUICIDE PREVENTION) (2014)
Members of POW Pugilistic Offensive Warrior Tactics, say the mix of MMA and peer support has changed and even saved their lives.


Department of Defense News: P.O.W: #4
MMA and Yoga Help Veterans Heal (2014)
P.O.W. has a unique combination of cage-fighting and yoga helping veterans heal in mind, body and spirit.


Department of Defense News: P.O.W. #5
A Powerful Approach to Fighting Stress (BROTHERHOOD) (2014)
P.O.W., Pugilistic Offensive Warrior Tactics Program combines mixed-martial arts and camaraderie to help veterans heal in mind, body and spirit.



National Public Radio (NPR): First Rule Of This San Diego Fight Club: You Must Be A Veteran ( 2014)


Rede TV! Brazil: MMA: luta pode ajudar no tratamento de problemas emocionais (2014)


ABC San Diego: Salute to Military Heroes: Ben Garcia, P.O.W Coach, Marine Corps Veteran (2014)


KFMB 760: It’s Your Money and Your Life Aired: 1/11/2014 7 PM: Richard and Joe welcome retired Brigadier General David Brahms, USMC and Todd Vance of


CBS Los Angeles: Mixed Martial Arts Program Helps Vets Battle PTSD (2013)


NBC San Diego: Veteran Fights PTSD with Mixed Martial Arts (2013)


San Diego Union Tribune: Former Soldier Helps Vets Channel Energy (2013)


LA Times: Fight Club Reawakens and Channels Veterans’ Warrior Spirits (2013)


MAXIM Magazine: Veteran Fight Club (2013)


HBO Real Sports: MMA Meets Yoga for Veterans (2013) – For full interview, contact HBO or P.O.W. MMA Program aims to help those with PTSD (2013)


KUSI News San Diego: Todd Vance of P.O.W (2013)
NBC Nightly News: Veterans Embrace Warrior Identity Through Mixed Martial Arts (2012)
VICE Magazine/Fightland: Peace Through Fighting (and Tattoos) (2012)


KPBS Radio San Diego: Roundtable: Manchester, Orchestra Nova, Vets and Martial Arts (2012)


ABC San Diego: Report: Mixed Reviews For Local Wounded Warrior Regiment (2012)