Peer-to-Peer Network

P.O.W. is a transitional, integrating program that serves as part of the greater regional health and social-services system. The P.O.W. peer-to-peer network provides a safe, healthy and supportive community that empowers program participants to take control of their lives one smart choice at a time.

POW Crew 10 June 2014P.O.W. coaches build peer-to-peer support into each and every class. P.O.W’s unique and inclusive peer-to-peer network is designed to support the individual 24/7. Peers help participants integrate into the program, set goals, gain access to the services they need, and reduce experiences of stigma and discrimination. The P.O.W. peer-to-peer network ensures participants fully engaged in the both the P.O.W. program and their individual paths to improved physical, mental and emotional well-being.

The P.O.W. peer-to-peer support system includes social contact in-class as well as in social settings outside of the class environment. Participants enjoy exclusive access to the P.O.W. Facebook page which provides a place to exchanges resources, explore job opportunities, meet other veterans including P.O.W. program alumni, and most importantly, to seek help and support. Access to the P.O.W. Facebook page is limited to P.O.W. participants and alumni.

Partly because of its welcoming and inclusive peer-to-peer network, and partly because of the sheer appeal of MMA and challenging fitness regimes today, P.O.W. is able to gain access to hard-to-reach populations. Participants frequently report that P.O.W. represented their first contact with regional veteran and military-serving organizations.